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handsSouth West Wood Fuels provides information about renewable energy and wood fuel. Setup to promote the use of wood as a fuel we work mainly in the Westcountry: Devon, Cornwall and Somerset but do have members throughout the UK. This website offers information on supply of fuel and installation of boiler systems.

Cubes: these give off the same amount of heat
Oil, Pellet and Chip
All these quantities give off the same heat, oil, pellet and chip.

Working with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE)
SWWF are working with the CSE offering advice regarding biomass renewables.
Visit their site at

Fire walk logoNew Fire Walk project
South West Wood Fuels are working with Exmoor National Park to encourage continual management of woodland on Exmoor – making Exmoor more sustainable and reduce the amount of carbon released. Visit our Fire Walk page.

SDFSWWF and Exmoor National
Exmoor National Park are promoting our project with this poster. If you would like to download a copy please click here.

Poster reads:

In 2004 Exmoor National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund awarded £10,000 to a local co-operative South West Wood Fuels, to develop the market for household wood central heating systems that people can afford on Exmoor.

South West Wood Fuels (SWWF) aim is to increase economic activity associated with the production and utilisation of wood fuels by stimulating the automatic wood-fired heating industry within the South West.

With this grant aid SWWF identified that the total resource available for wood fuel on Exmoor is sufficient to heat 13% of Exmoor’s heating requirements or 200 of the 400 farms on Exmoor. Replacement of fossil fuel by 8,000 tonnes of wood would save 3,200,000 litres of oil and 8,600,000 tonnes of CO2.

In 2005 a second Exmoor National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund grant then enabled SWWF to train plumbers in log boiler technology, distribute info packs, and offer subsidies to encourage householders to adopt the technologies and create case studies so other householders can learn and install their own. By the end of 2006 modern domestic wood boilers were installed at six sites on Exmoor.

Could your company or business benefit from a complete business package including a Windows based database, website, design and printing?
If you have outgrown Excel for storing your valuable data or finding leaflets too expensive to keep changing and distributed then why not think about making your life easier. Contact Claire at the office on 01398 324558 or email for further details.

Fuel Poverty
The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) have produced a new on-line research tool for predicting where fuel poverty is most prevalent across the country. It is hoped that the tool will help local authorities and other organisations to target thier resources effectively and eradicate fuel poverty. CSE encourages the use of these maps to help various organisations and groups such as Local Authorities to determine the extent of progress on their affordable warmth strategies and community groups to provide evidence to support their funding bids.

What is fuel poverty?
A household is said to be in fuel poverty if it needs to spend more than 10 percent of its income on fuel to keep their homes warm at an acceptable level of cost.

Fuel poverty is caused by a number of factors, in particular low household income, unaffordble fuel prices and poor housing stock characterised by inadequate insulation and inefficient heating systems.

The map shows the extent of fuel poverty in the westcountry. Red = high likely incidence of fuel poverty and blue = low. The full maps and other data can be viewed online at

Pub Gardens

Prince Charles
"Woodchip will do very nicely, says Charles"...
Read the article from the Western Daily Press, October 18 2006

Come and meet us:-

2007 events
New events listed on our diary page
Trade Shows
Details of trade shows listed on our diary page

SWWF are pleased to work with the AONB’s UK wide
15,000 leaftlets produced by SWWF were delivered to households in the Cranborne area via the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB. The leaflets are being used to encourage a rejuvenation of the local firewood market to ensure continued management of woodlands. The leaflet included a reply back form to gather information on fuel demand, boiler installation for logs, pellets and woodchips, costs, Hetas registered installers, fuel suppliers and the supply chain. The number of enquiries has been very encouraging with great interest amongst potential users.

We look forward to developing this important ongoing relationship with the AONB’s across the UK in the future. (Copies available from the office or download below).

Heat cluster update
The Heat Cluster Project was setup to “enrol” manufacturers, installers, plumbers, flue installers, fuel suppliers and parties who are working in the allied industries to show their support and interest in the industry. After a recent trip to Brussels we are pleased to say that South West Wood Fuels have produced the most comprehensive set of figures for the panel. This is very encouraging news for all interested in the heat cluster project and users alike. Once again, a big thankyou to all who contributed.

If you would like to be involved please click on the green energy cluster logo in the side panel, this will take you to pages which give full information on who is interested in working for the project and what services they offer.

, engineers and plumbers wanted
We are looking for installers, engineers and plumbers UK wide for boiler installations. If you are Hetas approved (level 1 full systems) then we would like to talk to you.

Our Blue Planet

Blue Planet Newsletter

The mixture of gases in the air today has taken 4.5 billion years to evolve

Blue Planet image
The reality would surprise most people that the air we breathe and derive life from is not so large.

It's perhaps more surprising and a testament to nature's ability to absorb changes, that human activity has not affected the atmosphere more dramatically already. CO2 is up from 270 to 390 parts per million since pre-industrial times. Some scientists talk of 'run away' global warming within ten years unless emissions of mostly CO2 are slashed. The atmosphere of gases affected is contained mostly (80%) in the troposphere (10 miles high) and stratosphere (from 10-30 miles). When compared to the overall radius of the earth at nearly 4,000 miles the troposphere and stratosphere are proportionally less than 1%. The total mass of the atmosphere is 0.9 part per milion of the earths total mass or 0.0001%.

Put another way, the shell of an egg demonstrates the atmospheres volume clinging to the earth's surface. Vulnerable isn't it!

To make you think..
Click here to try the Mother Earth quiz:
Or follow this link:

Fragile Earth

Affordable Solutions
SWWF presents the first series of affordable wood heating solutions for domestic and farm application. Log boilers £3,000 chip boilers £6-9,000 installed before grants.

South West Wood Fuels (SWWF) is a wood fuel supply co-operative which supports and promotes Biomass Heating. We are a collective of members dedicated to developing a sustainable approach to energy use.

Talk to us about renewable energy and wood chip handling and resources on 01398 324558 or drop us an email at


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