"Wood chip can be half the price of oil per kW delivered if handled efficiently"


ChipperChipper in the forest

Chipper in action
With oil and fossil fuel costs rising year on year woodfuel becomes more and more cost effective.

flamelogoFuel Suppliers
To see a list of fuel suppliers please go to hardware, installers, fuel suppliers page. Please note that you should check with the supplier for fuel costs and supply information.

Fact: Over the life of a boiler 80% of the cost is in fuel
Fact: Projects will stand or fall on fuel quality and service
Advice: Get involved in the design process. Don’t sign a supply contract until you are happy with the delivery mechanism.
The average home uses about 10 tonnes of fuel a year - estimate half a tonne of fuel per kW per year. One tonne is about 1.5 - 2 cubic metres in size.

Wood Chip Fuel Specification
Chip Specification

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What makes good sustainable fuel?
Wood Chip .Forest Stewardship Council Accredited
.Sourced from a managed forest
.Locally sourced to save travel costs
.Dried well and clean
.Seasoned hardwood

Forest Research (Research agency of the Forestry Commission) Wood Fuel Information Pack

Wood fuel information:-

10 top things to know about energy crops
Word Document 30kb

Exmoor Wood Fuel Report
Document covers aspects of wood fuel supply PDF 579kb

Wood Fuel Supply Contract
Suggestions when making arrangements to draw up a contract for fuel supply with your fuel supplier.
Click here for wood fuel supply contract agreement - PDF version .


Click here for wood fuel supply contract agreement - word version

Wood Fuel DVD
Woodfuel DVD - a link to the film is on the FC website:
It will also be available on the Biomass Energy Centre website:

Chip Storage

Wood ChipChip store design is an important aspect of successful chip storage.

Chip Store design is crucial to success, with 80% of the cost of wood heating during a typical life span of 25 years resting with the fuel - not installation, getting it right must be a priority from day one! We can say with some authority that talk of bagging, shovelling or wheel-barrowing woodchip, must be rejected straight away.

Beyond this, bear in mind the following golden rules:

*Minimise handling n Minimise transport
*Mechanise using available equipment (agricultural)
*Bulk process

There are a many ways to deliver woodchips as shown above, the correct solution will depend on the particulars of each site and the budget available. Below ground stores allow quick and efficient tipping, however, in areas of high water table a swimming pool rather than a chip store may be the result! SWWF is available to advise.

Wood Chip Specifications

Chip Stores

chip stores

To view larger image of chip stores in pdf format please click here

Pellet Delivery

When blowing pellet into a storage area there are many points to consider. This Fuel Analysis and Logistics document is placed here with kind permission of who are producers and suppliers of bulk and bagged wood pellets.

Please click on:- Fuel Analysis and Logistics document from Lantmannen Renewable Fuels to view document.


log stores for domestic use will not need planning but if the store is for a farm in a barn then planning application for change of use will be required.

Please view North Somerset website at
Click on online services / search planning application, search applications, and search for weekly or monthly.
The planning department are more reactive not proactive.

Chip Store Design
Original copies are available from the office at £50.00 per set.

Wood Residue combustion in boilers

TopTex protection fleece
TopTex - covering the pile of wood chips with a commercially available fleece. 4m roll x 50 mtrs and 5m roll x 50 mtrs at .88p per square metre - roll price (4m) £242.05 incl VAT and carriage. (5m) £293.75 Price per roll incl VAT and carriage.

TenCate Geosynthetics (UK) Ltd
Unit B2 Haybrook Estate
Halesfield 9
Shropshire TF7 4QW
T: 01952 588066
F: 01952 588466

Boiler Sizing Worksheet

Boiler Sizing Worksheet

Boiler Sizing Worksheet
For a higher quality copy of the Boiler Sizing Worksheet
as shown above please click here:-
Boiler Sizing Worksheet

Heat Load and Technology Selector Chart
Heat Load Technology Selector

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Heat Load Chart
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